We think more kids need tails, and it is our mission to make that happen. 

MerKids are a sister branch of The Underwater Studio who offer professional underwater photography and videography.

Dee Harmer (was Thorogood) owner and founder of both MerKids and The Underwater Studio is never happier than when she is in the water. As a competitive swimmer growing up she soon realised that her passion for the water went far beyond the lane ropes and found a luring love for scuba diving. She travelled the world teaching and trying to stay underwater as long as possible. Picking up an underwater camera almost 20 years ago. 

Now with three children 13, 12 & 10 years old, Dee finds most days involve the water BUT she wouldn't have it any other way!. 

Accredited By SWIM ENGLAD (formerly the ASA) and the RLSS we offer safe, challenging, pure fun. We are CRB checked and insured. Dee also has a current swim teachers safety award, ASA L2 swimming teacher qualification, HSE commercial divers qualification and a safeguarding children certificate. 

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