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Be a Mermaid at HOME

With the world adhering to social distancing I've thought of/researched some cool ways you can carry on being a mermaid at HOME until we can get back to doing what we LOVE.

You could put aside a whole day for your mermaid theme or do bits and bobs on separate days, let us know how you get on - I would love to see/ share some of your ideas or pictures. ENJOY x


1) Dress Up. If you don’t have a pre-made/shop bought costume its quite easy to create your own. Find a cute flowy dress or a skirt, leggings and a top. Pick purples, pinks, greens and blues, add some organza by wrapping it round and creating a flowy style. Finally add some pearly necklaces and bracelets and “voila” you have a mermaid.

2) Mermaid make up or face paint. We love this video by Kids cooking and crafts I have experimented lots of times using fishnet tights as scales and the results are fab, I even have waterproof face paint that doesn’t come off in the water, see below ;-)

3) Make some mermaid hair accessories or a crown using shells and gems. This is a great DIY crown video but you will need supplies

4) Become a Mermaid Model. A home photoshoot could be great fun especially after creating a costume, make up and accessories. This could be the climax of all your and their work.

5) Swim in the OCEAN... aka bath time fun. Put some shells and treasure in the bath and have fun collecting it. If you have your own tail why not put that on too, sorry mum and dad for the wet floor to come! if you have a hot tub or paddling pool even better.

6) Mermaid art and crafts! Great ideas on the internet to get your creative juices flowing, check out nettles shells for some great shell crafts.

Here are some we've made at home.

7) Make some Mermaid treats. I love these Mermaid Rice Krispy treats. or how about some Dolphin BANANAS ;-)

8) Watery movie magic! Dress up, create a comfy sea pad, grab your mermaid treats or name your snacks with clever mermaid/sea names and watch your favourite aqua movie. Here are our favourites.

  • Moana

  • The Little Mermaid "1989' and "2018"

  • Finding Nemo

  • Finding Dory

  • Shark Tale

  • Atlantis - Lost Empire

  • Turtles Tale

  • Free Willy

  • Disneynature "Oceans"

9) Mermaid or sea drawings. Grab some art books and see if you can create a sea themed masterpiece. Look online for some great tutorials on how to draw a mermaid. I love this posted by easy pictures to draw. If that’s too hard, print out some colouring pages to bring to life. Here’s another great link for colouring pages.

10) Watch some underwater documentaries. Blue planet is one of the most fascinating. Look on the BBC for this


I hope this has inspired you to keep dreaming and keep believing. We must take care of our planet and more importantly one another. Keep safe and keep healthy, I/we look forward to seeing you soon.

Much love, DEE xxx

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