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When swimming, we use what is termed a “dolphin kick,” where both feet move together in a downward and upward WAVE motion to move through the water. Also called a mermaid kick, this is the same kick used with the “butterfly stroke.” Follow these tips to get started:

1) Practice Your Dolphin Kick, Keep your legs together. Get used to the motion of the dolphin kick with your legs together to propel you through the water.

2) Once you feel comfortable with the motion of the dolphin kick, put on just the monofin and practice swimming. You will notice how much easier doing the dolphin kick is with it!

3) Once you are comfortable swimming in the monofin, pull your mermaid tail skin over the monofin and practice swimming in the entire tail while still in the shallow end.

4) Learn and practice the Quick-Release Method. Watch the video for further information.

Be aware that you will be the center of attention and others are going to want to try it! To ensure their safety and enjoyment, please share these important instructions with anyone else you allow to use your monofin and mermaid tail.

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